April 18, 2023: Einride, a Stockholm based company that specialises in electric and autonomous trucks is entering the UK market as part of its recent expansion into Europe. The company is aiming to focus on the transportation of 1.6 billion tonnes of goods that are carried annually by road freight in the UK.

Their initial operation in the UK will be in collaboration with Walker’s, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, to transport goods between Leicester and Coventry using Einride’s trucks and technology. This partnership is expected to reduce the distance travelled by fossil fuel-powered transportation by 250,000 miles annually.

“With this initial deployment, we’re looking forward to better understanding the potential role electric trucks can play in our transport operations,” Archana Jagannathan, PepsiCo UK’s head of sustainability, said in a press release published by Einride.

While Einride has secured significant commercial agreements with other well-known companies such as Electrolux in Germany and GE Appliances in the US, the partnership with PepsiCo is particularly noteworthy.

Einride is also planning to introduce a comprehensive and environment friendly road freight solution in the UK by leveraging a range of products such as the intelligent Einride Saga platform, electric and self-driving fleets, charging infrastructure, and connectivity networks. This will enable Einride to create a new regional freight mobility grid connecting major cities including London, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol, along the M1, M5, and M6 highways.

Einride's commitment to creating an environment friendly road freight solution in the UK is commendable, and their innovative approach to transportation has the potential to transform the industry. With this partnership, we can expect to see a more sustainable and efficient freight system in the UK, benefitting both businesses and the environment.