23 May, 2024: As part of a notable effort to enhance its standing in the global transportation arena, Saudi Arabia has successfully attained membership in the prestigious International Transport Forum (ITF), signifying a crucial juncture for the Kingdom's transportation and logistics industry.

Saudi Minister of Transport and Logistics, Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, emphasized the profound symbolism of this achievement, highlighting the Kingdom's unwavering dedication to addressing transportation challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. Al-Jasser underscored Saudi Arabia's pivotal role in the development of the transport and logistics domain, aligning with the ambitious goals set forth in the Saudi Vision 2030 framework, which aims to harness the nation's strategic location to emerge as a global logistics hub.

The Minister highlighted the Kingdom's remarkable progress in logistics, citing a notable leap of 17 places to secure the 38th position globally in the logistics services performance index. Additionally, Saudi Arabia clinched the 13th spot in the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) international air connectivity index and the 16th position in the maritime navigation network connectivity index. Al-Jasser also shed light on the recent launch of Riyadh Air, a new air carrier poised to connect the Kingdom to over 250 international destinations.

Moreover, Al-Jasser reiterated the Kingdom's steadfast commitment to fortifying the resilience of its transport infrastructure, promoting sustainable mobility practices, and ensuring equitable access to transport services for all segments of society. Emphasizing the significance of Saudi Arabia's membership in the ITF, Al-Jasser asserted that it reaffirms the Kingdom's prominent position in the global transport sector. He noted that this membership would empower Saudi Arabia to actively contribute to the formulation of legislation and regulations aimed at enhancing and advancing transportation on an international scale.

The inclusion of Saudi Arabia in the ITF signifies a turning point in its aspirations to emerge as a major force in the global transportation sphere. As the nation advances efforts to promote innovation and sustainability in its transport sector, this membership represents a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's pursuit of excellence and leadership in international mobility.