29 April 2022: Tata took a giant stride towards the next generation of electric vehicles, by making a wonderful debut with the global exposure of the AVINYA concept. It is an expression of the company's vision of a pure electric vehicle based on its Gen 3 architecture.

The name AVINYA has been derived from the Sanskrit language which stands for ‘Innovation’. This concept introduces a new typology of mobility that releases enormous space and comfort, which is not restricted by traditional segmentation. It will also come loaded with new age technology software and artificial intelligence that work in the background to deliver wellness and calmness during transit. This concept will be fairly accessible to a majority of customers of fast growing, high volume segments of today by providing an extremely premium yet simple and calming customer experience.Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd has geared up to release a new breed of EVs that will redefine the automobile space. This pioneering EV will be introduced to the market by 2025.

In the press release issued by the company, Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons and Tata Motors, stated “While making the AVINYA Concept a reality, the central idea was to offer a mobility solution like no other – a state of the art software on wheels that is well designed, sustainable and reduces the planet’s carbon footprint. Green Mobility is at the nucleus of TPEM, and the AVINYA Concept is the perfect reflection of what the company stands for – a creation that will not only accelerate the adoption of EVs but also lead this movement. Furthermore, at the Tata group, we are uniquely positioned to bring all the expertise that is necessary to build these mobility solutions and we are confident that in years to come we will make a larger and sustainable impact not only in India but globally as well.”

In addition Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. also stated, “It is indeed a matter of pride for us at TPEM to present the AVINYA Concept to the world, a vision pivotal in signalling a ‘New Paradigm’. Holding on to its values of Simplicity, Timelessness, Effortlessness and Grace, the AVINYA is not only a concept but is our new identity, an identity which is here to challenge the status quo. It gives me an intense sense of optimism to present a new typology of vehicles that will introduce the automobile industry to options beyond mobility – a tranquil space which will offer you a complete sensory experience while on the move. At its heart, the AVINYA Concept has ‘IN’, which demonstrates our Indian roots and highlights how we pride ourselves in discovering new ways to move and power vehicles. The AVINYA Concept is the fruition of our first idea built on our Pure EV GEN 3 architecture, enabling us to produce a range of globally competitive EVs. Our vision for pure EVs is focused on delivering wellness and rejuvenation while travelling, backed by cutting-edge technologies, aimed at improving the overall quality of life.”

AVINYA concept has been inspired by the catamaran, the idea is a determined vision for electric mobility with a new outline. This concept is a mixture of the best in the world. It is a product which combines the core of a premium hatch to the luxuries and creativity of an SUV with the spaciousness and functionality of an MPV which are put together to create something new and attractive.It is the platform and highlights the horizon and the infinite possibilities that the Gen 3 electrification will offer. Gliding to the sides, there will be ‘Butterfly’ doors, which will welcome you with open arms to a class leading spacious interior which is sure to make its occupants feel calm.

AVINYA concept focuses on a human centric design and promises a sensitive journey of its own. From the skydome that increases the overall sense of space and natural light to the functional comfort inspired steering wheel, to the voice activated system for a deep interface for all of its passengers, to the sustainable materials used, that highlights the character of the product and finally the final touch of the aroma diffuser – which envelops you in a peaceful and soothing environment.

The AVINYA concept stands for understanding Mobility, a machine that is smart, roomy, durable and technologically designed. The graceful and strong Pure EV Gen 3 architecture offers this concept with next generation connectivity, advanced driver assistance system and a flexible design boasting its superior performance efficiency. Leading out of India for the world, The global platform offers high structural safety and has the next level of waterproofing and dust protection, making it suitable for all ground types.

Furthermore, predicting the future trend, AVINYA concept is designed to believe that less screen time is the way to go. Keeping this in mind, the AVINYA concept has been made screen-less to prevent any distractions and create a worry-free environment for the mind and soul inside the car.

This has been built with the use of next-gen materials, efficient electronic components and proprietary energy management strategies and algorithms for efficiency management. The use of light-weight materials, and a structure optimised only for EV powertrains with capable suitable stiffness, helps reduce the overall mass, leading to good weight management. In addition, the battery used will support ultra-fast charge capability in line with architecture development, pumping out a minimum range of 500 kilometres in less than 30 minutes. The overall philosophy for the advanced range would be ‘min-max-optimise’.

Drawing inspiration from human sensory signs by promising a stress-free experience with every drive, AVINYA stands by the concept's simplicity and a jump in the right direction, making it an absolute division of sustainable movement.