New Delhi, 20 April 2022 : Hero Electric has partnered with BOLT, a leading electric vehicle charging network, to put up 50,000 charging stations across the country in the next one year.

As per the statement of the company in a press release, this collaboration aims to install BOLT chargers at more than 750 Hero Electric’s touch points all over the country, which will benefit over 4.5 lakh customers. Besides that around 2000 Hero Electric riders will get free BOLT charging units set up at their homes.

As a part of the partnership, the BOLT charging network will be leveraged both by Hero Electric’s enterprise partners and EV customers, significantly holding range anxiety. Additionally Bolt will be integrated within the Hero Electric app and website, which is a one-stop solution for locating a charging station, booking a slot and payments.

In the press release issued by the company on 20th April, Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill was quoted as saying “Our mission is to enable carbon-free mobility and fasten EV adoption in the country by building a strong charging ecosystem and reskilling mechanics to offer an enhanced EV riding experience. We are positive that this collaboration will broaden our efforts to reach the set objective,"

He also added “The partnership benefits the industry overall and allows electric two wheeler riders easy access to charging stations PAN India, This collaboration will help to create a seamless charging experience for lakhs of Hero electric customers as they can use the existing Hero electric app and website for discovery, booking and payment”.

In the press release, BOLT Discover Cleantech we choose to be technological optimists, not because we think technology will solve everything, but because we believe that communication and awareness of the potential of new innovations and technologies are necessary to solve as much as possible.

We are here to shine a light on all the entrepreneurs dedicating their time and work to new innovations on the cleantech market, but also on the plans and ambitions of companies, and organisations investing in expansions and new applications of well-established greener/cleaner solutions.

Clean technologies are clearly the innovation the future needs. We are a positive media and the news platform for all the great initiatives taking place every single day. BOLT Co-founder Jyotiranjan Harichandan stated “With having “charger on demand” range anxiety will be history as we move towards achieving our goal of installing over one million charging points over the next two years”.

After the set up of BOLT charging stations, customers can select among private/public modes of operation for their charging stations and choose the price depending on existing commercial/EV tariffs. Besides this subscription - based plans will be declared for Hero Electric riders to ease their usage.

The Bolt charging network is hardware agnostic and may combine with any charging solution provider in the country.

This collaboration can drive towards carbon free mobility and speed up ev adoption across the country by building a strong charging ecosystem and bring overall benefits to the industry.