Eventackle is designed to deliver a fully optimised event ticketing experience to you. Take your ROI to the next level with our never-before flat rate event ticketing services. Sell tickets online on our intuitive, customised and 100% secure ticketing platform, and start making more. Sell tickets in any currency, and have the money deposited to your account using the most secure gateway.

After successful  Event Creation,  you are ready to sell your event across the globe!

Follow the steps to create your first ticket:

Step 1 - Go to Account and select “Dashboard

Step 2 -  Select “My Events

Step 3 - Select the event you wish to create a ticket  for

Step 4 - Select “Tickets” from the event dashboard

Step 5 - Click on “+ New Ticket” and fill in the following details

Ticket Name: Give your ticket a name.

Quantity: The number of tickets for a particular event that you want to sell.

Start & End Dates: The time period for which the tickets would be available.

Pricing: If the ticket is free, check the free ticket checkbox else choose a currency from the currency dropdown and enter the desired amount in the price field.

*(Currency once selected will be universal for the entire event).

Eventackle charges a minimal processing fee on the tickets sold on this platform. This fee can be charged either from the amount entered or on top of it and thus payable by the ticket buyer in the later case. Choose the option feasible and see the payment breakup immediately below it.

Coupons: Click on space provided & select the desired coupon (if any) applicable on this ticket. Read more about Coupons here

Benefits: Mention the special benefits the ticket entails like entry to conference or 1 -1 meetings etc.

Step 6 - Hit “Add Ticket

The recently created ticket would appear here