21 May, 2024: In a significant move aimed at bolstering the electric vehicle infrastructure across the United Kingdom, Dutch charging software provider, Greenflux, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Clenergy EV, resulting in the addition of 4,000 new EV charge points to its network. The majority of these new stations are strategically located in Wales, marking a substantial enhancement in EV charging accessibility in the region.

Greenflux, known for its innovative EV charging solutions, already boasts a formidable presence in the European market, offering access to over 687,000 EV charge points across the continent.

Previously, in September 2023, Greenflux had disclosed that its UK network comprised more than 20,000 charge points, indicating a robust infrastructure catering to the growing demand for EV charging solutions in the country.

As part of the newly forged partnership with Clenergy EV, customers of the Wales-based EV charging software and services provider will now gain access to Greenflux's extensive charging network. Clenergy EV, renowned for its EV charging app facilitating access to chargers from various Charge Point Operators (CPOs), boasts a network encompassing "hundreds of thousands of chargers" across the UK and Europe.

Commenting on the collaboration, representatives from both Greenflux and Clenergy EV expressed enthusiasm about the mutual benefits it offers to their respective customers. Similarly, executives from Clenergy EV emphasised the importance of such collaborations in advancing the accessibility and adoption of EV charging infrastructure.

The partnership between Greenflux and Clenergy EV represents a concerted effort to address the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure in the UK while facilitating greater interoperability and convenience for EV drivers. As the transition towards electric mobility accelerates, collaborations like these are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation.