April 16, 2024 - Godrej & Boyce, a Godrej Group company, revealed that its division, Godrej Process Equipment, has sent out heat exchangers to support a major green hydrogen facility in the Middle East. This facility stands as one of the world's largest commercial green hydrogen production plants. The company aims to double its market presence in the Middle East by 2027.

The provided heat exchangers will enable efficient heat transfer throughout different production phases, aiding the shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Designed to meet the plant's rigorous standards, these equipment ensure peak performance and dependability. Out of the eight heat exchangers delivered, the two largest weigh over 300 metric tonnes each and are capable of managing significant fluid volumes, crucial for the project's magnitude.

Hussain Shariyarr, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Process Equipment remarked in the company’s press release, “The global shift towards sustainable energy sources has fueled remarkable growth in renewables, especially in green hydrogen. Mega-Hydrogen projects like these lead the change, pioneering innovation in carbon reduction and clean energy adoption. Our readiness and contribution to Green and Blue Hydrogen projects enables us to take forth the industry's commitment to developing advanced technologies and solutions for sustainable energy production. We look forward to participating in many more Indian and global Hydrogen, Green Ammonia and Green Methanol projects to further the green energy revolution.”

Godrej Process Equipment's contribution to the Middle East's major green hydrogen facility not only highlights its technical prowess but also its strategic positioning in the evolving landscape of sustainable energy. By delivering cutting-edge heat exchangers tailored to meet the stringent demands of this monumental project, the company has reinforced its role as a key player in advancing green energy solutions on a global scale. As Godrej Process Equipment targets an ambitious expansion in the Middle East over the next few years, its commitment to innovation and reliability positions it favourably to capitalise on the increasing demand for sustainable energy infrastructure. This endeavour not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also underscores its dedication to driving the green energy revolution forward.