20 July 2023: Electrovaya, a prominent Canadian lithium-ion battery technology and manufacturing company has proudly launched the Infinity-HV battery systems, a groundbreaking addition to its existing Infinity product line. These systems are designed for heavy-duty, high-voltage applications such as buses, delivery trucks, construction vehicles, hybrid-fuel cell/battery systems, and stationary energy storage. The Infinity-HV battery systems stand out with industry-leading safety, remarkable longevity, lower liability costs, improved warranty coverage, and an overall reduced cost of ownership.

Electrovaya’s Infinity-HV battery systems comes in two variations, HV-90 (35 kWh) and HV-180 (70 kWh). They support both 400V and 800V applications, delivering superior energy storage and performance for heavy-duty needs. The initial pre-production deliveries of the battery systems will begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

In an official press release by the company, Dr. Khadija Yazda, High Voltage Systems Product Manager at Electrovaya stated, “We are excited to launch the Infinity-HV battery products and look forward to exploring the market opportunities. The Infinity-HV batteries offer unique performance characteristics, particularly with regards to safety and cycle life, and are the ideal energy storage technology for heavy duty applications.”

Electrovaya's Infinity-HV batteries utilise lithium-ion ceramic and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) recognised EV series cells, ensuring longevity with a projected 25-year lifetime for one-cycle/day applications, making them the longest-lasting high-voltage batteries available.

Safety is of utmost importance to Electrovaya, and like other Infinity products, the Infinity-HV packs incorporate the Company's proprietary multi-level cell and battery fire propagation prevention technology, providing a high level of fire protection. These advanced systems are controlled by Electrovaya's in-house fifth-generation advanced battery management system (BMS), already proven in over 4,000 deployed Infinity products, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

With the introduction of Infinity-HV, Electrovaya reinforces its position as a trailblazer in the lithium-ion battery industry, catering to the ever-evolving needs of modern transportation and energy storage solutions, while ensuring a more sustainable future.