21 June, 2024: In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionising urban transport and combating air pollution, Wrightbus, a World-leading zero-emissions bus manufacturer, has launched NewPower, a pioneering program designed to convert existing diesel buses into electric ones. This move comes as a strategic effort to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles among fleet operators without the hefty price tag of purchasing entirely new buses.

The innovative NewPower program offers a cost-effective solution, with the conversion process estimated at approximately £200,000 per bus. This transformation involves replacing the diesel engine with state-of-the-art Voith Electric Drive Systems (VEDS), cutting-edge NMC battery packs, and advanced Grayson HVAC systems. Remarkably, each bus can be converted in just three weeks, and up to six units can be processed simultaneously, potentially enabling the conversion of up to 500 buses annually.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Wrightbus, emphasised the program's pivotal role in enhancing air quality across the UK cities. Gales highlighted that despite their ongoing global supply of new hydrogen and battery-electric buses, the focus of the NewPower initiative is on converting mid-life bus fleets. This effort aims to promptly enhance air quality in various towns and cities across the UK. Wrightbus, renowned for its leadership in hydrogen and battery-electric bus manufacturing, aims to further solidify its position with the introduction of NewPower.

London, a city grappling with air pollution challenges, stands to benefit immensely from Wrightbus's initiative. With a sizable portion of its bus fleet reaching mid-life status, the conversion to electric buses under NewPower could bring about immediate environmental benefits. Reduced emissions and enhanced operational efficiency are expected outcomes, aligning with London's ambitious sustainability targets.

Transport for London (TfL), which oversees the capital's transport network, has expressed keen interest in exploring partnerships with Wrightbus to roll out the NewPower program across its extensive bus network. The potential to electrify a significant number of buses swiftly could mark a turning point in London's efforts to achieve cleaner air and a greener future.

Industry analysts anticipate that Wrightbus's innovative approach could set a new standard for urban transport electrification globally. As cities worldwide grapple with the imperative to reduce emissions and combat climate change, scalable solutions like NewPower offer a compelling pathway towards sustainable urban mobility.