May 18, 2023: The UK's minister for energy security and net zero, Graham Stuart inaugurated the Digital, Autonomous, and Robotics Engineering (DARE) Centre at the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult's testing facility located in Blyth, UK.

The UK's groundbreaking DARE Centre, worth 3 million pounds, represents an unparalleled cutting-edge facility in the country. It offers a unique platform for developers, researchers, and the broader industry to test, demonstrate and bring to market innovative digital and robotic products and services specifically designed for the offshore renewable energy sector.

As the UK prepares to triple its offshore wind capacity in the coming decade, the utilisation of robotics and autonomous systems is crucial in facilitating this swift growth and attaining a net-zero status. These advanced technologies are becoming increasingly indispensable in the field of offshore renewable energy.

“I’m delighted to open the UK’s national robotics centre for offshore wind. Drones, robots, and underwater vehicles can reinforce the UK’s position as the world leader in offshore wind, make us even more competitive, and keep turbines turning in even the most hazardous of conditions,” said Graham Stuart in an official press release published by ORE Catapult.

The technology being tested at the DARE Centre will bolster the growth of the offshore wind sector and greatly enhance the effectiveness of services and digital infrastructure connected to the industry.

“The DARE Centre is a fantastic facility that will help the UK stay at the forefront of innovation in robotics, AI, and digital solutions to support the growth of offshore renewables,” said Andrew Jamieson, ORE Catapult chief executive. “Innovation we can unlock here will allow those at the cutting edge of offshore wind development to work faster and safer, optimise specialist skills, improve reliability, and reduce the carbon footprint of the next generation of offshore wind farms,” he further added.

With cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking research, and collaborative efforts, this centre will play a pivotal role in accelerating advancements in renewable energy, streamlining operations, and ensuring a sustainable future. As the world looks towards cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, the National Robotics Centre marks a pivotal moment in the UK's journey towards achieving a greener, more prosperous tomorrow.