25 August 2023: Tesla has unveiled the latest generation of its Supercharger in the UK, extending access to the charging network for electric vehicles from various brands. This new version, named V4, is equipped with a three-metre cable and can deliver charging speeds of up to 250kW for electric vehicles compatible with Combined Charging System (CCS) connections.

The charging process can be initiated through contactless card payment or the Tesla smartphone app. Users will be charged at a rate of 50p per kWh for the service. The V4 charger showcases a subtler design in comparison to Tesla's prior V3 model. The conventional large opening, which characterised Tesla's charger design for three generations, has now given way to a solid enclosure.

It includes a digital screen that simplifies card payments and presents a digital receipt accessible by scanning a QR code. The inaugural V4 units are located at Tesla's Tottenham dealership in North London, but they will eventually be introduced to Tesla's charging locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Tesla currently reports an extensive network of over 1,100 Superchargers across 115 locations in the UK. Further expansion is underway, with additional charging facilities slated for construction by the end of 2023.

Tesla’s innovative charger is not only expanding the convenience of electric vehicle charging across the UK, but also making it universally accessible for all EV owners, irrespective of their brand. As Tesla continues to pave the way for the future of eco-friendly mobility, the introduction of the V4 Supercharger sets leads the way for collaborative progress in the realm of clean energy transportation.