Ras Al Khaimah: Kuwait's Universal Islamic Food Industries (UIFI) has established a significant manufacturing plant in Ras Al Khaimah, investing approximately AED 150 million. This cutting-edge facility, situated within the Al Hamra Industrial Zone, spans across a vast 350,000 square feet area.

The newly constructed facility aims to meet the surging needs of the local consumer market. With a capacity to yield an extra 3,000 tons of processed food per month, it notably surpasses the region’s anticipated production levels for ready-to-eat poultry, meat, and seafood products. Embracing contemporary standards and demands, the facility integrates cutting-edge manufacturing, packaging, storage, and warehousing capabilities, establishing a fresh standard in the processed food sector.

This bold expansion is fueled by the company's aspiration to utilise the plentiful regional resources, fulfilling its enduring business goals. Additionally, this strategic step places UIFI in a stronger position to meet the rising production needs of the current market.

In a press release by RAKEZ Group, Ayoob Khan, CEO of UIFI said, "Our decision to establish our operations in Ras Al Khaimah was a strategic one, deeply influenced by the region's burgeoning status as a business hub. The support and facilities provided by RAKEZ have been pivotal in this decision. Their commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and ready-built facility options has greatly facilitated our setup and expansion efforts. The strategic geographic location of Ras Al Khaimah and the comprehensive support from RAKEZ align perfectly with our dedication to quality and excellence.”

Another comment by RAKEZ Group CEO, Ramy Jallad reads, “We are thrilled to welcome Universal Islamic Food Industries to the RAKEZ business community of nearly 800 F&B companies. This move by UIFI marks a significant milestone in our strategic efforts to bolster the F&B sector in Ras Al Khaimah. Their investment demonstrates the growing appeal of RAKEZ as a dynamic and supportive hub for manufacturing, especially in the food and beverage industry. At RAKEZ, we are dedicated to providing an ecosystem that not only meets the demands of our companies but also aids in their growth and success. Our customised facilities, tailored services, and business-friendly environment are designed to empower companies like UIFI to innovate, expand, and thrive. We are committed to playing a pivotal role in their journey, ensuring that they have the necessary tools and support to excel in today’s competitive market.”

This strategic partnership not only signals the company's confidence in the region's potential but also underscores Ras Al Khaimah’s attractiveness as an investment hub. As the region continues to attract substantial investments and forge crucial alliances, this infusion of capital is poised to fuel economic growth, job creation, and further development, solidifying Ras Al Khaimah's position as a key player in the global business arena.