November 30, London: The London EV Show 2023 has entered into its dynamic third day at ExCel London, promising a visionary outlook into the future of EVs. With insightful discussions, impeccable conference sessions and a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and new models, the day 3 is poised to deepen our grasp of all the latest and greatest in the EV market whilst fostering an environment of experiential learning and discovery.

Guided by esteemed speakers and experts, the day's agenda is designed around topics like Fleet Electrification, Sustainability & Decarbonisation, Electric Vehicles & Disabled People, Gender Equality & Diversity in the EV Sector, EV Payment Infrastructure, Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification, Empowering EV Startup, EV Trade & Investments: Challenges & Opportunities, The Future of Electric Vans, Scalable Battery & Fast Charging Solutions, Decarbonisation of the Global transport sector. The goal is clear: to cultivate collaborative strategies, share insights, and inspire tangible steps towards a sustainable and inclusive electric mobility landscape.

The exhibition floor will continue to remain a vibrant centre of innovation with over 220 leading industry exhibitors, hosting engaging workshops and demonstrations. Attendees will encounter firsthand the latest in electric vehicle technology – from interactive displays of next-gen vehicles to live demonstrations of innovative charging solutions, showcasing the transformative potential of these advancements.

Day three encapsulates the essence of the London EV Show's commitment: collaboration, innovation, actionable strategies driving the future of clean energy transportation. But beyond that, it is a call to "Move Into The Future” with a bold emphasis on Zero Emission Transportation. In parallel to enriching discussions and display of groundbreaking innovation, the London EV Show has witnessed some important announcements this season, including the awarding of contracts for an additional 51 sites for rapid charge points to the event’s esteemed sponsor, charge point operator – Zest, and GLA’s plans for five new ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hubs, supposed to facilitate rapid charging in an impressive 10-30 minutes.

Drawing to a triumphant close today, the London EV Show 2023 sets the stage for future breakthroughs and collaborative ventures aimed at propelling the EV industry forward. Summarising the impact of the Show Shariq AbdulHai, CEO of Valiant Business Media, said, “The event's success lays the foundation for ongoing partnerships, innovative solutions, and transformative policies that will shape the landscape of transportation for years to come.”