12 July 2023: NIO's electric vehicles, the mid-size sedan, ET5 and the mid-large SUV, EL7, have been recognised for their outstanding safety standards in the latest 2023 Euro NCAP tests. Both models achieved the maximum five-star safety ratings. Euro NCAP, renowned as a leading safety testing organisation in the automotive industry, upholds rigorous and comprehensive standards for evaluating vehicle safety. With their stringent testing procedures, Euro NCAP provides authoritative assessments that play a crucial role in determining a vehicle's safety performance.

Following the adoption of the new safety protocol, NIO has emerged as the pioneering automotive brand to secure a remarkable five-star safety rating. In the comprehensive safety assessment, the NIO ET5 exhibited exceptional performance, garnering an impressive 96% in adult occupant safety, 85% in child occupant safety, and 83% in vulnerable road user safety. Additionally, it achieved a commendable 81% in safety assist tests. Remarkably, the vehicle aced two lateral impact tests—the side mobile barrier and side pole tests—earning a perfect score in these critical safety evaluations.

On the other hand, NIO EL7 achieved impressive scores in safety testing, with 93% in adult occupant safety, 85% in child occupant safety, 80% in vulnerable road user safety, and 79% in safety assist tests. It also aced frontal impact full-width rigid barrier, side mobile barrier, and side pole tests.

In an official press release by the company, Danilo Teobaldi, Principal Chief Engineer of Vehicle Engineering, NIO stated, “Providing users with the utmost peace of mind is crucial for the NIO user experience. We have invested in a powerful research and development capability that has enabled NIO to set high safety standards and strategies for our second-generation technology platform. This strength in R&D is the reason behind ET5 and EL7 being able to achieve the Euro NCAP five-star safety rating: every safety improvement is worth every effort.”

NIO's ET5 and EL7 both excelled in autonomous emergency braking (AEB) tests. They also offer post-collision braking to prevent secondary impacts. Additionally, in line with Euro NCAP's flood testing, both models ensure occupants can maintain door and window functions, allowing escape in the event of vehicle submersion.

NIO's dedication to prioritising safety has yielded exceptional results, with their ET5 mid-size sedan and EL7 mid-large SUV securing five-star safety ratings in the rigorous 2023 Euro NCAP tests. The company's commitment to cutting-edge research and development has empowered it to set high safety standards and further enhance the user experience in the automotive industry.