Organisers of the several event industry campaigns which include #WeMakeEvents, #WeCreateExperiences, and #LetTheMusicPlay in the UK , have joined hands to ensure stronger alignment and more effective communication in fighting for awareness and financial support for the whole industry under the #OneIndustryOneVoice movement.

These organisers include Business Visits and Events Partnerships (BVEP) which represents the conference, exhibition, and outdoor events sectors, The UK Live Music Group which represents the UK’s live music industry and Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) including events and entertainment technology trade.

The #OneIndustryOneVoice initiative aims to increase collaboration on campaign dates, amplifying each other’s messages, sharing and agreeing on data and statistics to accurately reflect key industry numbers, aligning closely on key industry demands from government, and to promote each other’s activities.

In an interview to Conference News, Simon Hughes, Chairman of the BVEP commented: “Many different industry sectors will be looking to the government for additional help and assistance in the next few weeks, alongside the more public/corporate targeting with the narrative of confidence and expertise. So it will be critical to ensure that messaging with the various target audiences are aligned across the extended eco-system that comprises the whole of the event industry in the UK and the extensive supply chain that supports many thousands of livelihoods and enriches the lives of millions of people from all parts of society."
Peter Heath Managing Director of PLASA said, “We are immensely proud of how this has galvanised into over 22 trade bodies, along with thousands of industry professionals from over 28 countries, all working together voluntarily to create awareness of the whole events supply chain and the urgent need for financial support. The alignment of the major hashtags allows us all to communicate more, maximise our efforts and streamline our voice to Government.”
Furthermore, Greg Parmley, Chairman of UK Live Music Group, added “With a long dark winter ahead for many in the arts, culture and events spaces, it’s imperative that we work closely together. Bringing the campaigns under one collective cross-group addresses the need to communicate both short and medium-term tactics as well as the longer-term plans required to support the industry.”

The joint campaign represents the interest of different stakeholders including organisers, venues, and suppliers in the events industry value chain which contributes £84 billion to the UK economy annually and this combined industry campaign is likely to be more effective than the discrete ones.