April 24, 2024: The highly anticipated Mercedes G-Class EV has made its debut, offering an eco-conscious option for drivers who prefer to make a statement through action rather than words. Boasting four electric motors and revolutionary off-roading technology, this vehicle is set to redefine the perception of electric cars.

Despite its electric powertrain, the Mercedes G-Class EV maintains the iconic appearance of its gas-guzzling counterpart. From its boxy silhouette reminiscent of its military origins to subtle design cues, such as the smoothed-off grille and EQ badges, this electric version seamlessly blends into the rugged landscape. Under the hood, the Mercedes G-Class EV packs a punch with almost 580hp and a staggering 1,164Nm of torque, rivalling the power of its petrol-powered counterpart. The incorporation of a massive 116kWh battery ensures ample range, allowing drivers to cover up to 296 miles on a single charge. But the Mercedes G-Class EV isn't just about power; it's also about performance. Equipped with innovative features like the G-Turn function, which enables the vehicle to turn on the spot like a tank, and a maximum fording depth of 850mm, this electric SUV is designed to tackle even the most challenging terrains with ease.

Furthermore, meticulous attention has been paid to detail to enhance the vehicle's durability and capability off-road. From dual-joint shafts for improved wheel movement to a 26mm-thick protective panel guarding the underside, every aspect of the Mercedes G-Class EV has been engineered for maximum performance. Available for order in Germany, with UK availability soon to follow, the Mercedes G-Class EV starts from 142,621 euros (£122,700). For those looking for a touch of luxury, a limited first edition version is also available, starting from 192,524 euros (£165,600) in Germany.

With its blend of power, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology, the Mercedes G-Class EV sets a new standard for electric vehicles, offering drivers the best of both performance and eco-consciousness.