07 August 2023: Mercedes-Benz UK has selected Ohme, an acclaimed smart-charging firm in the UK, as its latest official partner for home charging solutions. This partnership will work in conjunction with their existing partner, Pod Point. Under this collaboration, Mercedes-Benz will endorse Ohme chargers as the preferred choice for customers seeking home charging options. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz showrooms will feature the Ohme Home Pro charger for customers to explore.

Ohme's innovative smart chargers possess the ability to seamlessly interface with the national grid, enabling them to dynamically adjust charging settings based on real-time conditions. This empowers drivers to capitalise on cost-effective charging by intelligently utilising off-peak periods with smart tariff options.

In an official press release by Mercedes-Benz, Jason Allbutt, Head of Product and Planning for Mercedes-Benz stated, “We are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Ohme as our recommended home charger supplier. Ohme’s technological innovation and excellent approach towards customer service align with the core values of Mercedes-Benz.”

David Watson, CEO of Ohme was also quoted saying, “Mercedes-Benz has one of the strongest premium line-ups of electric vehicles. We’re looking forward to introducing Mercedes-Benz customers to the benefits of dynamic smart-charging and supporting its network of agents.”

In the 2023 UK Green Business Awards, Ohme has achieved the prestigious recognition of Fast Track Company of the Year. Additionally, the company has been honoured by Business Motoring with the title of Best Electric Charging Point Provider.

This collaboration between Mercedes-Benz UK and Ohme marks a significant stride towards advancing the accessibility and efficiency of home charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. With Ohme's cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into Mercedes-Benz showrooms, customers will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the convenience and cost-effectiveness of intelligent charging.