Essen, Germany, 02 May, 2023: Hatch, a Canada based engineering company and Germany based industrial machinery manufacturer, Küttner have merged to establish themselves as the top supplier of sustainable industrial processes, innovative green technologies, advanced hydrogen and battery solutions in Europe.

Hatch has declared that Küttner will be integrated with its group of firms, resulting in the creation of Hatch-Küttner, Europe's foremost provider of complex engineering and technological services for the metals, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The merger combines two reputable and accomplished firms in engineering, consulting, technologies and project delivery, resulting in a unified, diverse professional services company that caters to clients worldwide.

Hatch and Küttner share a common goal of addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Küttner’s efforts in creating environmentally sustainable industrial processes and innovative green technologies will enhance Hatch’s leading-edge work in hydrogen production, green metals like iron, aluminium and copper, and battery solutions.

Upon this merger, Peter Weber, Managing Partner (CEO) of Küttner said in a press release, "We are excited to join forces with Hatch and believe this integration will provide unique professional services to help our clients conquer climate change."

He further added, "Together, we will be able to take on larger, more complex projects for our clients throughout Europe and around the globe, providing all the required professional services from one firm.”

The merger between Hatch and Küttner marks a significant milestone in Europe's efforts towards achieving sustainable industrial processes. With their combined expertise and resources, the new entity is well-positioned to become the leading provider of green technologies. This development aligns with the growing global focus on reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. The merging of Hatch and Küttner signals a positive step towards achieving this goal, and the industry will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what innovative solutions this new merger will bring.