11 June, 2024: Enva, a leading provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, and Altilium, an expert in EV battery recycling, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership to address the burgeoning need for sustainable solutions in the electric vehicle industry. With the rapid proliferation of electric vehicles and battery-powered devices, the collaboration aims to capitalise on Enva's extensive network and Altilium's innovative recycling technology to repurpose over 100 million EV batteries expected to reach the end of their usage over the next decade.

Central to the partnership is the utilisation of Altilium's cutting-edge recycling process, dubbed 'EcoCathode,' which boasts a remarkable 60% reduction in carbon emissions and 20% lower costs compared to traditional methods. The process, which will be employed at Altilium's Teesside refinery, is set to revolutionise battery recycling by extracting critical materials, including lithium, from used EV batteries with unprecedented efficiency.

The Teesside refinery will function not just as a centre for recycling waste batteries but also as the exclusive facility in the UK for refining lithium-ion waste into battery-ready Cathode Active Materials (CAM), directly available for reuse in new battery production. With a planned capacity to recycle batteries from up to 150,000 vehicles annually, the refinery is poised to produce 30,000 metric tons of CAM, satisfying 20% of the expected UK demand by 2030.

In an official press release by Enva, Michael Sneath, Managing Director, Enva’s Lubricants and Batteries Division stated, “We are excited to partner with Altilium to develop a comprehensive and sustainable supply chain for EV battery recycling in the UK. Expert handling and storage of this potentially hazardous material is paramount. This collaboration will solve an emerging problem for our customers, enhancing the UK’s recycling capabilities and contributing to the circular economy by transforming used batteries into valuable raw materials for new batteries.”

In the press release, Rod Savage, Program Director for End-of-Life Batteries, Altilium said, “By leveraging Enva’s collection network and our processing expertise, we aim to set a new standard in battery recycling, ensuring maximum recovery of materials and supporting the growth of the EV market in an environmentally responsible way.”

While Enva is relatively new to the field of e-mobility, Altilium has been actively pursuing EV recycling partnerships, with recent collaborations including UK-based vehicle salvage specialist Synetiq and scooter manufacturer Vmoto. Benefitting from continuing partnerships with industry giants such as ABB and Marubeni, Altilium stands ready to champion sustainable EV battery recycling, propelling innovation and progress in the transition towards cleaner, more affordable electric vehicles.