07 Sep, 2023: DP Medical Systems, the UK’s prominent healthcare supplier, has partnered with Italy-based healthcare diagnosis company, Neuranix to introduce a groundbreaking audiology diagnostic device to the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Neuranix has selected DP Medical as the sole distributor for its med-wave device in the UK and Ireland. This device is engineered to conduct quick and non-invasive middle ear analysis with utmost gentleness.

Utilising the patented PLAI methodology, the device conducts a comprehensive multi-frequency examination through a probe, transmitting chirp signals ranging from 100 to 3000 Hz, subsequently subjecting them to analysis within the frequency range of 100 to 1500 Hz.

Med-wave analyses the collected data and compares it with its exclusive database of medical conditions to provide a rapid, painless and impartial evaluation of ear health conditions.

In a press release published by DP Medical, Owen Pemberton, commercial director at DP Medical said, “The med-wave® device is a groundbreaking tool that will undoubtedly be welcomed by ENT specialists and paediatricians. Faster, more gentle and less invasive ear testing will benefit both the practitioner and the patient alike, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating med-wave’s capabilities to ENT professionals across the country.”

DP Medical's collaboration with Neuranix represents their second distribution agreement within a short span, following their recent announcement of a partnership with DIFRA Instrumentation to provide their audio vestibular devices to the UK and Ireland markets.

The combined expertise of these two companies brings positive hope, as they work together to bring cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to the forefront of healthcare in the UK. With their commitment to excellence and advancement, we can anticipate a brighter and more efficient future for healthcare professionals and patients alike.