Deepak Singh has a rich and diverse professional background. With an MBA in marketing and international business and a total of 25 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His experience spans both finance and real estate sectors, with a significant focus on distribution and sales, marketing, and distribution management.

#PTS: How do you see the role of PropTech evolving in the real estate industry over the next few years, and what key trends should industry professionals be prepared for?

Mr Deepak: PropTech, or Property Technology, is poised for significant growth in the real estate industry. Key trends include digital transformation, data analytics, AI integration, blockchain adoption, IoT and smart buildings, and the use of AR/VR for immersive property experiences. These technologies will enhance efficiency, transparency, and the overall experience for industry professionals and consumers alike.

#PTS: What is Netreal.AI, and what specific contributions or innovations does it bring to the real estate industry to address its challenges and improve the overall landscape?

Mr Deepak: Netreal is a cutting-edge sourcing platform that seamlessly facilitates end-to-end collaboration between developers, brokers, and marketing managers. As a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution, it fills a longstanding void in the market by effectively addressing the unique challenges encountered by developers and brokers. By integrating technological intelligence and providing actionable insights, Netreal revolutionizes the sourcing process, streamlining efforts for all stakeholders involved.

#PTS: With the growing importance of sustainability and environmental concerns, how is PropTech being leveraged to address sustainability issues in real estate, and what potential impact can it have on the industry?

Mr Deepak: PropTech is playing a vital role in addressing sustainability concerns in real estate. It's enabling the integration of energy-efficient technologies, smart building systems, and sustainable construction materials. Additionally, data analytics help monitor and optimize resource usage. This can lead to reduced environmental impact, lower operational costs, and increased property value. In essence, PropTech's focus on sustainability is reshaping real estate practices towards a more eco-conscious and economically efficient future.

#PTS: How do you envision the London PropTech show contributing to the improvement and advancement of the real estate industry, particularly in the context of PropTech innovations and solutions?

Mr Deepak: We are hoping that London prop tech buzz can assist in building a brand and promoting brand    awareness through strategies like media relations, press releases, content creation, event planning, and social media management. They leverage their industry connections and expertise to increase brand visibility and credibility, ultimately helping the brand reach a wider audience.