E-commerce and tech giant Amazon recently launched a fleet of pedestal assisted e-cargo bikes in line with its Micro Mobility Hub strategy with an aim to make 5 million sustainable deliveries a year across London’s ultra low emission zones. With its existing fleet of more than 1000 electric vans, Amazon made 45 million deliveries across the UK last year, the company also projects to make more than half of their deliveries through such zero-emission vehicles by the end of this decade and going net zero in the delivery domain by 2040.

Addressing the exponential fuel price rises along with regulations from governments, Amazon is also planning for more such micro mobility hubs across the UK along with developing solar power charging infrastructure with installation of more than 30,000 solar panels in cities like Manchester, Coalville, Haydock etc. by the end of this year to have smoother operations and making much more zero-emission deliveries possible. The company estimates to increase the existing number of such charging stations twice by 2024.

Besides the e-cargo bikes, Amazon has already added 5 fully electric heavy trucks to cater various supply chain challenges. These trucks will pack a battery of 350kWh offering a range of 155 miles assisting the company further in the direction to go net zero by 2040.

The cargo bike market is growing in the UK pertaining to the rise in fuel prices, commercial demand and also since the government is incentivising purchase of the electric versions. Such conditions favour both large business houses and small delivery units to collectively work towards a much sustainable logistics sector and help achieve net zero.