20 March, 2023: Acer, a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of computer components, has recently created a nimble electric bike called the Acer ebii. The company is set to introduce a number of innovative features that are uncommon in the e-bike industry.

Acer ebii, is a 35 lb. (16 kg) e-bike, that boasts built-in AI to intelligently regulate the transmission and employs collision detection sensors to enhance safety during rides. Acer has also included a proximity unlocking feature in the ebii, which is said to automatically lock the bike when the user moves away from it and unlock it again when they approach it. This function is reminiscent of the one found in the highway-capable Gogoro electric scooter.

The ebii incorporates tracking capabilities that enable continuous monitoring. In the event of theft, the bike can be remotely locked and tracked using its integrated GPS locator. Despite its advanced features, the Acer ebii does not lack typical bicycle components, as it boasts high-quality parts such as 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, 360-degree LED lighting, and a belt drive instead of a chain drive.

The Acer ebii features airless tires that eliminate the risk of punctures, and a unique lefty-style fork that serves as both a conversation piece and a fancy weight saver. Additionally, the ebii is equipped with a 460 Wh electric bicycle battery that can provide a travel distance of up to 68 miles (110 km) per charge. The bike is propelled by a 250W rear hub motor that limits the speed to 15 mph (25 km/h) in accordance with European and Asian regulations. Pedal assist, activated when the rider turns the pedals, is the only means of power since there is no hand throttle.

There seems to be some ambiguity surrounding the 2.5 hour charger that accompanies the bike, with some individuals in the industry speculating that it can be used to charge phones and batteries. However, in reality, the removable battery of the e-bike is capable of serving as a portable power station to recharge mobile devices.

The Acer ebii comes with various optional accessories, such as fenders and a rear rack, but it already includes a stable Y-kickstand as standard equipment. Although no price has been specified yet, the advanced components and inventive design of the bike are likely to drive the price beyond the typical $1,500-$2,500 range of direct-to-consumer e-bikes that are regularly introduced.

Acer’s new ebii electric bike is a technologically advanced and innovative addition to the e-bike market. Overall, the Acer ebii looks to be an exciting addition to the e-bike market that will surely turn heads and raise expectations for the future of e-bikes.