Jun 16, 2023: Voltalia, an international renewable energy company has officially inaugurated its most extensive solar park, South Farm Solar Park, in the United Kingdom. This remarkable project is developed through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with the City of London Corporation, a local governing body. With a substantial capacity of 49.9MW, the park is capable of meeting half of the City of London Corporation's electricity demands.

Financial services company, Santander UK, has provided £25 million funds for the construction and operation of the project. The initiative, led by the City of London Corporation, aims to procure renewable energy from Voltalia at a stable price, shielding them from the unpredictable fluctuations of the energy market.

Furthermore, the project plays a crucial role in reducing the Corporation's carbon footprint and accelerating their shift towards clean energy. Voltalia expresses its pride in assisting the City of London in their transition towards sustainable energy and looks forward to continuing their support in the coming years.

The South Farm Solar Park, situated in Kent, UK, covers an expansive area of 59 hectares. This ambitious project aims to supply sufficient energy to sustain 33,000 households annually while concurrently reducing carbon emissions by 33,000 tonnes each year.

Comprising an impressive array of 148,000 solar panels, the park is projected to generate 47,000MWh of energy annually.

Additionally, the park boasts an advanced energy storage system, contributing an extra 8.5MW of capacity to the grid. Voltalia, known as the largest independent producer of renewable energy in Europe, oversees solar parks in a number of nations, including Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, and Spain. Notably, this marks the company's second collaboration with the City of London Corporation, the previous venture being a 7MW solar park located in Wales.

The inauguration of Voltalia's largest solar park to date in the UK marks a momentous milestone in the country's transition towards clean and sustainable energy. As Voltalia continues to expand its portfolio across multiple countries, this achievement solidifies their position as a key player in driving the renewable energy revolution. With their commitment to innovation and collaboration, Voltalia paves the way for a greener and brighter future, setting an inspiring example for others to follow in the pursuit of a sustainable world.