June 16, Finland: Finland-based materials technology company Betolar has secured patents from across Europe and India for its latest waste-based alternative concrete production technology which is capable of storing energy.

As per the company, the material which is already patented in Finland, is best suited for use in renewable energy infrastructure, where it can provide an energy storage solution.

With the increase in adoption of renewable energy, it has become a challenge to balance the supply and demand of electricity generation. This requires more innovative ways to store electrical energy, especially during short-term peaks. Betolar has developed a method and obtained a patent for storing electrical energy, which utilises a significant amount of waste-based materials and later converts it into concrete.

As per the company’s official press release, Jarno Poskela, Betolar's Chief Technology Officer said, "Our invention relates to a method in which a waste-based concrete-like mass has the ability to store electricity. It creates exciting new opportunities in the field of civil engineering. The mass could be used in infrastructure products such as solar panel bases, building foundations or wall elements. At the same time, the material and method would support local electricity production and storage.”

The patent has been validated in the Member States under the unitary patent system in Europe, as well as in Spain and Norway. Apart from Europe, the patent has also been granted in India.

As per Ville Voipio, Chief Commercial Officer Betolar, "This interesting phenomenon has now been verified and patented and will enable productization based on the innovation. We are now looking for the right partner for the productization and commercialisation.”

The company is well recognised for product development processes that generate innovations, leading to new value-added, patentable solutions. Currently, Betolar has been granted patents for five inventions along with eight other inventions that are in the process of patent approval.

In line with Betolar's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy, the primary contribution of these patents is to safeguard the company’s business and its customers based on material technology solutions.

Moreover, with this innovation, Betolar's patent portfolio has grown manifolds. Being a materials technology company, research and development is vital to the success of its business. The company’s ability to produce new solutions for the utilisation of materials that would otherwise end up as waste is essential for the functioning of sustainable construction globally.