10 May 2023: UK based start-up, Carbon Kapture, which is committed to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, is launching its inaugural seaweed farm. The company has devised an exceptional business model that allows customers to sponsor seaweed cultivated on ropes, enabling direct absorption of CO₂ from the sea. This seaweed is then converted into biochar, a stable carbon form that enriches soil and reduces the reliance on fertilisers.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Carbon Kapture has formed a partnership with shellfish farmers in Ireland to cultivate seaweed, and they have ambitious plans to surpass the newly funded North Sea Farm 1 project by Amazon, making it the largest seaweed farm by the year's end. The company expects that their partnership with shellfish farmers is a game-changer for the industry and for the fight against climate change.

Visionary entrepreneurs, Howard Gunstock and Dave Walker-Nix, have spent the past four years exploring avenues to develop a highly impactful and scalable concept known as Carbon Kapture. Inspired by the potential of seaweed as a carbon absorber, the duo devised a circular economy model that involves capturing carbon from biomass and collaborating with the local community for its beneficial utilisation.

Carbon Kapture's farming operations not only offer agricultural advantages through biochar but also contribute to biodiversity and the improvement of water quality. Furthermore, the company actively engages with schools, universities, councils, and businesses, prioritising the local community, creating employment opportunities, and fostering climate awareness.

Carbon Kapture's inaugural farm has the capacity to expand up to 250 hectares, positioning it as one of the largest seaweed farms globally. This significant scale allows for an approximate annual seaweed yield of 11,000 tonnes.

With sustainability at the forefront, this project aims to make a profound impact on our planet's well-being. By embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, they have taken a bold step towards creating a healthier planet for generations to come. With this extraordinary seaweed project, thIS UK start-up is leading the charge and inspiring others to join in the crucial battle against the climate crisis.