August 23-08-2023: Kamma, a leading UK property data and analytics company, has successfully secured a £3.6 million investment to bolster its efforts in scaling up its net zero technology. The investment round was spearheaded by the Clean Growth Fund, a prominent UK cleantech venture capital fund, and featured participation from notable investors including Triple Point, Pi Labs, Conduit EIS Impact Fund, and Kiilto Ventures.

The newly acquired funds will be channelled towards expanding Kamma's pioneering property data engine, renowned for its capacity to acquire, integrate, and calibrate an extensive array of property data points. The ultimate goal is to facilitate optimal strategies for achieving net zero emissions within the UK property sector.

Leveraging state-of-the-art geospatial technology, Kamma employs a unique combination of data collection, address-matching technology, and insightful analysis to determine the most efficient pathways to achieve net zero emissions. In an official press release by the company, Orla Shields, CEO and Co-founder of Kamma, expressed her enthusiasm about the investment, stating, "Everyone at Kamma is delighted that Clean Growth Fund and the other investors have chosen to back our company. At this crucial juncture in the built environment’s fight against climate change, it is particularly valuable to have the support of Clean Growth Fund, one of the leading climate-tech investors in the country."

Shields further emphasised the significance of the investment, underlining its potential to expedite progress in the market and enhance services tailored for the commercial property sector. She affirmed Kamma's commitment to aiding property sector clients in meeting ambitious net zero goals while emphasising the pivotal role of data in driving net zero initiatives.

The property sector is identified as the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, with buildings and construction accounting for approximately 25 percent of all emissions. Although the property sector historically lags in decarbonisation efforts, Kamma leverages diverse sources to deliver the most precise and up-to-date climate data available. This robust data foundation enables the formulation of optimal net-zero strategies.

Kamma stands out as the sole tech firm in the UK to offer a comprehensive market proposition. With strategic support and the combination of innovative technologies, Kamma is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the property sector's trajectory towards a sustainable and net zero future.