20 June, 2024: In a move aimed at ramping up the deployment of EV chargers across the UK and addressing the growing demand for a skilled green workforce, Flexi-Orb (Flexible Energy Oversight Registration Body) has introduced a pioneering certification scheme for EV charger installers. After three years of trials, Flexi-Orb has partnered with Simply Certification, the first UKAS-accredited certification body appointed for this purpose, to officially roll out the scheme.

This initiative marks a significant step forward as it becomes the UK's first certification scheme tailored specifically for EV charger installers. The primary goal behind the scheme, according to Flexi-Orb, is to enhance both the speed and quality of home EV charging point installations nationwide.

David Lindsay, managing director of Certi-fi Schemes, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, highlighting the collaborative effort with Simply Certification. The initiative aims to elevate standards in domestic renewable installations, with a specific focus on EV charging, ensuring consumers can select installers with confidence.

The road to gaining UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) recognition was described as rigorous yet necessary by Lindsay. He emphasised that the scheme sets high standards, focusing both on-site competence assessments and robust back-office support. The latter includes the promotion of specialised assessors for each role, underscoring the commitment to thorough and quality installation practices.

Lindsay noted that with the nation's push towards achieving net zero emissions, there will be an increasing demand for reliable and skilled installation of renewable systems. He highlighted that their entry into this market is positioned to enhance the capability for rigorous assessments and ongoing supervision, ultimately strengthening consumer confidence.

Alexandra Gates, managing director of Simply Certification, expressed similar sentiments as Lindsay, emphasising the innovative nature of their partnership with Flexi-Orb. Gates described the launch of the certification scheme as a significant step forward, positioning them as a leading certification body for EV charger installers.

Gates underscored ongoing efforts to ensure high-quality customer service that aligns with Simply Certification's established reputation. She pointed out the importance of maintaining a varied range of services to ready the UK's energy efficiency sector for the demands of achieving net zero emissions. Gates described this as a pivotal time for the industry and affirmed their dedication to supporting its advancement.

With the new certification scheme now set to be fully operational, stakeholders anticipate a surge of interest from installers and consumers alike. The initiative not only promises to streamline the installation process but also aims to foster greater confidence in the quality and reliability of EV charging infrastructure throughout the UK.