10 August 2023: The UK government has released its latest biomass strategy, focusing on detailing the country's plan to expand the cultivation of forestry and agricultural crops within its borders. This expansion aims to address the growing need for bioenergy.

The Biomass Strategy outlines the actions planned by the government to enhance the sustainability of biomass and the potential for utilising sustainable biomass in various sectors of the economy which subsequently supports the UK's goal of achieving net zero emissions.

The Biomass Strategy also emphasises the need to manage leftover waste using carbon capture and storage (CCS), which is presently the sole technology in line with net-zero objectives.

The newly declared biomass strategy extends from the 2021 Biomass policy statement and the Powering up Britain plan, highlighting the significant contribution that biomass is expected to make in achieving a fully decarbonised power system in Britain by 2035, contingent upon ensuring a secure supply.

With a focus on public engagement, evidence-based analysis, and expert input, this strategy not only underscores the nation's dedication to environmental sustainability but also sets a commendable example for global efforts in combating climate change. As industries and stakeholders applaud this comprehensive approach, it's evident that the UK is poised to lead the way in harnessing the potential of biomass to drive a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.