DUBLIN, February 22 2023: Tao Climate, a pioneering company focused on reversing climate change has announced its search for investment to finalise its cutting-edge technology which uses industrial hemp to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and address the harmful impacts of climate change. The company has already started its first pilot project, which is underway in Kenya. As part of Google's Startups for Sustainable Development Programme, Tao Climate has access to Google experts to help them create the technology for the programme.

The company's innovative approach involves cultivating massive quantities of industrial hemp, a fast growing plant that can absorb high levels of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This technology utilises industrial hemp in such a manner that it reduces carbon dioxide from the environment which leads towards improving the quality of air and lowering emissions.

This technology also includes a unique process to produce valuable materials from industrial hemp, which can be used in a variety of applications, including construction, textiles and biofuels. Tao Climate believes that this approach will help in building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

In an official press release with einpresswire.com, the CEO of Tao climate, Gary Byrnes stated, "We are thrilled to be launching Tao Climate and to be using industrial hemp to fight climate change." He further added, "Our approach is unique, and we believe that it can have a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide levels and creating a more sustainable future. The time for the hemp revolution is now, and we believe that industrial hemp is the only way to close the UN Emissions Gap, which requires 23 billion tons of CO2 removal every year. We see this as a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity. We’re bringing a new category of carbon credit to market, as forestry offsets are discredited, while direct air capture machines are too slow and expensive."

Tao Climate is actively looking for impact investment to accelerate the construction of its innovative platform technology and bring it to market by the end of this year. The company believes that its approach has enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a better world for future generations. Tao Climate is urging the United Nations to remove industrial hemp from its conventions on drugs so that its potential as a sustainable crop can be fully realised worldwide. Additionally, the company is calling on all governments to specifically exclude industrial hemp from drugs legislation.

In summary, Tao Climate's innovative approach, which involves growing vast quantities of industrial hemp, has the potential to combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This technology will also be valuable in the creation of valuable materials from industrial hemp, which can be utilised in a variety of applications. The company is now seeking investment to accelerate the development of its platform technology and make it available to the masses.