03 June, 2024: Skywell, the prominent Chinese EV manufacturer, is set to launch its inaugural model, BE11 electric SUV, in the UK. Pre-orders for this eagerly anticipated vehicle will commence in August 2024, with initial deliveries slated for September.

While anticipation builds for the arrival of electric vehicle models in the UK market, pricing details for the BE11 are yet to be disclosed. However, Skywell has opted to partner with Innovation Automotive, the UK’s pioneering multi-brand electric vehicle company, for the marketing and distribution of its vehicles alongside EVs from Seres.

Measuring 4,720 mm in length, 1,908 mm in width, and standing at a height of 1,696 mm, the BE11 is powered by an NMC lithium-ion battery. Consumers will have the choice between a 72 kWh or 86 kWh battery variant, offering a range of 248 miles or 304 miles respectively, as per WLTP standards. Charging convenience is facilitated with support for up to 11 kW on an AC charger.

Although precise details regarding DC charging capacity remain undisclosed, estimates suggest it could reach approximately 60 kW. The charging time for 20-70 per cent is currently listed as 36 minutes to 45 minutes on Innovation Automotive’s website. Performance-wise, the BE11, a front-wheel-drive electric SUV, accelerates from 0-62 mph in just 9.6 seconds, delivering up to 150 kW of power. At launch, the BE11 will be available exclusively in a single trim option.

The unveiling of the Skywell BE11 signals a significant milestone in the UK’s transition towards sustainable mobility solutions, with Innovation Automotive spearheading the charge towards a future defined by eco-friendly transportation options.