Most recently, it has come to our notice and we have been informed that a number of our clients have received fraudulent emails from scammers pretending to be associated with the London EV Show 2022, trying to extract money in an unethical manner. It’s really important to be vigilant and keenly look into such emails or messages where scammers portray themselves being associated with the event. Scammers do an excellent job of making themselves look like approved vendors or employees of Valiant & Company. Please be vigilant when solicited for services from third parties.

We at Valiant & Company request all stakeholders, participants and attendees of the event to meticulously look for such emails or messages and restrain from any financial dealings with such scammers. We assure that, we have stringent policies for data protection and it would only be third party scammers who adopt deceptive measures to dupe people without remotely being a legitimate association of the event.

Moreover, since we take information security very seriously, we would ask you to be very careful in order to help protect our common interests and prevent any such fraud. We, once again, assure you that our database has not been compromised and your personal information is safe with us.

For more information on the policies governing the collection of information, how we use that information, who we share it with, how we protect that information, and your legal rights in relation to your information, kindly visit the following link to have detailed information regarding our privacy policy.