London - 25 Aug, 2023: It has come to our attention that some scammers are attempting to exploit the reputation of the London EV Show, an event organised by Valiant Business Media. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy and trust of our esteemed clients and we want to alert everyone to be cautious and vigilant against fraudulent activities.

The  London EV Show intends to clarify that we do not engage in the sale or exchange of client data under any circumstances. Our operations adhere strictly to the principles outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the utmost confidentiality of our client's personal information.

We are deeply concerned about reports of individuals impersonating representatives of our event, contacting individuals and making false offers in exchange for money. If you receive an unsolicited email or phone call claiming to be associated with the  London EV Show and soliciting money for data, please refrain from responding. Instead, kindly forward the email or contact details to us at

Our team is collaborating closely with law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate these fraudulent schemes. While we work diligently to address this issue, we urge the public to exercise caution and take measures to protect their personal information.

Your cooperation throughout this challenging situation is greatly appreciated. The  London EV Show remains committed to cultivating a secure environment for all our cherished clients and attendees.

For any further updates, please visit our official website at and for information on how to keep yourself safe from such scams, please visit