Riyadh, 15 Nov, 2023: Saudi Arabia Railways partners with Air Products Qudra to build, own and operate hydrogen fueling stations for trains in Saudi Arabia. These hydrogen refuelling stations are set to be constructed along specific railway lines within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Saudi Arabia Railways and Air Products Qudra.

Future hydrogen refuelling stations are slated for construction along the train routes from Riyadh to Al-Kharj, Dammam to Jubail, and Ras Al-Khair to Jubail.

The Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) aligns with Saudi Arabia's endeavours to enhance the adoption of renewable energy, diminish carbon footprints, and safeguard the environment. Additionally, this agreement is poised to expedite the region's progression towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

Air Products Qudra’s CEO Ebubekir Koyuncu said in the company’s press release, “We are honored to collaborate with SAR and look forward to developing ways we can deploy our global expertise, experience, and world-class engineering capabilities to support SAR and the Kingdom’s vision.” He further added, “Hydrogen is essential to the energy transition and is playing a crucial role in creating low-carbon, sustainable transportation.”

This partnership not only propels the nation's railway sector towards a greener future but also stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia's dedication to reducing carbon emissions and fostering a more sustainable landscape. As these hydrogen stations pave the way for a cleaner transportation infrastructure, the nation strides closer to its ambitious goal of achieving net-zero, laying the groundwork for a more environmentally conscious and energy-efficient future for the generations to come.