June 20, United Kingdom: The British EV charging solutions provider, PlusCharge and ATEM Networks have collaborated to launch a new 22kW AC and modular 120-180kW DC EV charging stations with 55” Media Screens.

The Media Screen Chargers encompass a 55-inch bright screen which will enable EV brands to display their custom messages or advertisements. Moreover, a wide range of content can be included by the organisations such as vehicle advertisement or live streaming, thereby creating ways for businesses to engage with their target audience and generate revenue streams.

Unlike other EV charging providers that solely offer AC charging stations with outdoor advertising screens, PlusCharge is kick starting a new concept of not only offering more powerful DC charging stations, but also first of its kind AC and DC media screen charging points. Available with dual SIM cards, this solution provides users with the ability to operate the system on multiple networks, thereby reducing the possibility of data bottlenecks while both chargers and media screen are active.

By virtue of the amalgamation with ATEM, the company claims to provide customised content for live streaming based on user requirements on each unit, allowing different content for each screen. This would open up new opportunities for both companies and customers.

As per the article published by EV Fleet World, Shahin Shahroudi, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, ATEM Networks while expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new ground-breaking solution that will revolutionise the electric vehicle charging industry. The collaboration with PlusCharge will leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to deliver innovative, future-forward charging stations with media screen capabilities. This partnership would allow us to roll out new media formats across the UK, complementing our German programme where the first locations have gone live in Berlin. Through this partnership, customers can get access to tailored content on the Media Screens and user-friendly management practices that ensure ease of use. Overall, this alliance has claimed to generate customer-centric solutions and dedication to provide an exceptional service.”

Apart from all this, PlusCharge also offers its own range of EV charging stations, with  installation and operation. With this charge point management system, customers can also access information about tariffs, arrange billing and directly contact support channels through the app. The dual charging modes are also quick and more powerful, thereby leading to less stand by period of electric vehicles.