07 Nov, 2023: NEOM Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC), the firm constructing the world's largest green-hydrogen-based ammonia production facility, has obtained its initial wind turbine shipment at the NEOM Port in northwest Saudi Arabia.

A significant point in the mega project's construction and development was marked with the successful delivery of the initial set of wind turbines on October 8. They are currently en route by road to the Wind Garden site near the Gulf of Aqaba for assembly and installation.

NGHC anticipates further turbine deliveries by year-end, aiming for over 250 in the Wind Garden. These turbines will directly power the green hydrogen plant through a specialised electricity grid.

NGHC's facility in Oxagon, part of NEOM's reimagined industrial city, will integrate up to 4 gigawatts of solar and wind energy, aiming to generate approximately 600 tons of carbon-free hydrogen daily. By 2026, the fully operational NEOM plant will exclusively export 100% of the produced green hydrogen as green ammonia through a long-term deal with US based company, Air Products.

David R. Edmondson, Chief Executive Officer of NGHC, said in the company’s press release, “This is the first of a series of major equipment deliveries arriving over the next year. We continue to make great progress since achieving financial close earlier this year and are on track to start exporting green hydrogen in 2026. It is a major milestone in NGHC’s journey to becoming a leader in green hydrogen and a major step forward in Saudi Arabia and the wider region’s energy transition.”

As NEOM advances its clean industrial city aspirations and overall development, the port is enhancing its capacities to accommodate growing cargo, streamlining imports/exports, and driving regional economic growth.

The arrival of the first wind turbines at the Neom Green Hydrogen Company site marks a significant step toward the establishment of the world's largest green-hydrogen-based ammonia production plant. As these turbines symbolise the shift towards sustainable energy, their presence signifies a critical milestone in the journey toward a greener future. This remarkable achievement signals a promising era for clean energy and underlines the strides made in harnessing renewable resources for a more sustainable tomorrow.