One of the UK's leading financial services groups and a major global investor, Legal & General Modular Homes (LGMH) has recently partnered with the Bristol City Council to launch a sustainable modular locality providing 185 homes to Bristol residents. The state-of the art modular homes will save thousands of pounds annually for the localities being highly energy efficient.

The homes will be EPC A-rated and Net Zero regulated making them 62% cheaper to run. The homes will be equipped with solar panels to cater to the energy requirements along with reducing the overall carbon footprint of the residents. The homes will be constructed using precision-manufactured modules developed at LGMH’s factory in Selby, which will provide high levels of thermal efficiency along with low wastage and time efficiency.

In a recent press release from Legal & General, the company’s Group CEO, Sir Nigel Wilson said, “Across the UK, we need a housebuilding revolution so that homes can be produced sustainably and at a speed which meets local needs. Modular construction is that revolution: helping to accelerate the creation and delivery of high-quality, affordable, energy-efficient housing. Featuring our first net-zero regulated carbon homes to be delivered, this modular neighbourhood in Bonnington is an exemplar of the future of housebuilding – supporting Bristol residents to save thousands of pounds a year in energy bills, whilst making a positive impact on both housing creation and the transition towards a low-carbon economy.”

The modular homes will also be a part of the overall smart city projects going on in major cities in the UK including Bristol, Belfast, Birmingham, Hull, Manchester, Milton Keynes, London and Peterborough. The project is also in line with the city Mayor’s ambition to deliver  2000 sustainable and smart homes to the local residents including 1000 affordable homes that can be acquired via various government schemes like the Bonnington Walk scheme enabling Bristol residents to save thousands annually.