We are delighted to present a Q&A session with Thomas Bartholomew, the Associate Director for Policy and Compliance at the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment. With a rich background in environmental policy, Thomas has been instrumental in developing and implementing policies and programs aimed at equitably decarbonizing the District’s energy and transportation systems. His notable achievements include administering the Solar for All Program and supporting vehicle electrification and other forms of low and zero-emission transportation. In this session, Thomas shares his insights on incentivizing the EV industry, innovative strategies to enhance EV adoption, government-industry collaboration, the potential for EVs in goods and services transportation, and the role of global events in fostering international collaboration.

#LEVS: Given your background in environmental policy, how can the EV industry be further incentivized to accelerate the transition to clean transportation?

#Thomas Bartholomew: I'm a big believer in the value of home and convenience charging. Figuring out how to address the  barriers to deploying that at scale is, I think, the key to acceleration. Some of that involves incentivizing  build-out directly; some of it involves ensuring up-time. Also, regulatorily speaking, you need to make it  easier. Once it's easy and it works reliably, the superior technology sells itself.

#LEVS:Beyond government incentives, what innovative strategies can the EV industry explore to make electric vehicles a more attractive option for a wider range of consumers?

#Thomas Bartholomew: Cost is the issue. It's going to be interesting to see how the industry deals with the  competition from Chinese EV makers like BYD that have been able to address a lot of  the price-point issues for the broader market that wants a reasonably priced vehicle.

#LEVS: In your view, how can the Government collaborate with the EV industry to streamline regulations and support the development of sustainable EV infrastructure?

#Thomas Bartholomew: There are so many ways we can work together. In Washington, DC we've tried above all else to  be open and honest about what our goals and challenges are and invite the industry to do the same. That has been the key to our building the productive partnerships that we've formed.

#LEVS: Beyond passenger cars, what potential does the EV industry hold for revolutionizing the transportation of goods and services, and what policy considerations need to be addressed for this transition?

#Thomas Bartholomew: Getting rid of tailpipe emissions is huge. In Washington, DC, we see everyday the impacts of decades  of pollution hurting our most vulnerable residents. We continue to focus on ensuring the benefits of  this transition reach the people who need them the most. That's how we build a sustainable system.

#LEVS:   How can global events like the London EV Show contribute to fostering international collaboration and accelerating advancements within the EV industry?

#Thomas Bartholomew: I have learned so much myself attending events like the London EV Show; both about new products  and services offered, and the people delivering them. When we listen to each other and see how we  can work together its amazing what can happen.