We are delighted to present the Q&A session with Dr Mostafa Mohamed, the Chief Executive Officer of IKARUS Electric. Dr Mostafa Mohamed has been instrumental in leading the Egyptian market with innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles and the manufacturing of chargers and electric cars. With over 18 years of experience in the automotive industry and a PhD in Automotive Engineering from Helwan University, Dr Mostafa Mohamed has also served as a technical consultant for numerous regulatory authorities in Egypt, including the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) and the Industrial Control Authority (ICA). As CEO of IKARUS Electric, Dr Mostafa Mohamed is dedicated to driving innovation and product development, leading a cross-functional team to launch cutting-edge services and products poised to disrupt the Egyptian market and position the company as a trailblazer in EV charging technology.

In this Q&A session, you can expect insights into Dr Mostafa Mohamed's journey from academia to industry leadership, his perspectives on the future of electric vehicles, the role of education in advancing automotive engineering, and the comparative progress of the Middle East in the global EV revolution.

#GEMTECH: From Professor to CEO: How did your academic journey evolve into leading an innovative EV charging stations company?

#Dr Mostafa: My academic journey has been a long path that has led me to gain accumulated experiences in the electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle charging industry and with my advanced studies which provided me with a deep understanding of the complex interplay between electronics, software and the mechanical components which powers the modern vehicles.

During my academic journey, I had the opportunity to conduct extensive research and studies in the field of automotive electronics. I was particularly fascinated by the emerging trends in electric and hybrid vehicles technologies, and I became increasingly convinced of the strong transformative potentials of these innovations.

As I searched deeper into the challenges and opportunities presented by the EV revolution, I recognized the critical importance of an accessible robust charging infrastructure and suitable charging solutions with an affordable availability, lucky for me I found the same strive for providing the same charging experience at IKARUS Electric, knowing its Kuwaiti main shareholders pioneering in providing the same type of services successfully decade ago in Europe with an professional and experienced top management in Egypt. Therefore, it was a perfect match for me to join IKARUS Electric.

Highlighting the above, Leading an EV charging solution company has been a natural evolution of my academic journey , By leveraging my deep understanding of automotive electronics and control systems and with the strategic vision and support of IKARUS Electric top management and deploying the needed amount of investment we were able to select and develop innovative charging technologies that meet the unique needs of electric vehicle owners and fleet operators in the Middle East. This has involved pioneering solutions that optimise energy efficiency, safely and fulfilling user experience with grid integration, all of that while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

#GEMTECH: As the shift to electric vehicles accelerates, how are universities ensuring their automotive engineering students stay ahead with cutting-edge industry standards?

#Dr Mostafa: Educating engineering students about the scientific principles behind modern control systems and control algorithms in modern cars is essential, along with highlighting the importance of practical application while integrating academic education with practical experiences, laboratory experiments, and the use of simulation models of modern systems that can effectively convey information to students, and establishing partnerships with research institutions and factories is vital to providing comprehensive training opportunities.

#GEMTECH: In your opinion, how crucial is education in shaping the next generation's understanding and enthusiasm for electric vehicles?

#Dr Mostafa: Education plays a crucial role in fostering awareness and comprehension across various fields, particularly in engineering and applied sciences. It equips students with two vital skills: engineering sense and the capacity for self- learning. These skills serve as the primary catalysts for my enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge in technology sciences and staying abreast of contemporary scientific methodologies. Consequently, it becomes imperative to offer dedicated programs in electric cars, mechatronics applications, and electronic control within both university and pre-university education systems. This will ensure the cultivation of a competent and enthusiastic generation that embraces electric car technology.

#GEMTECH: The Middle East is emerging as a key player in the EV revolution. How does its progress compare to other regions around the globe?

#Dr Mostafa: The Middle East region is still seen as an emerging market for electric cars due to its unique weather conditions and hot temperatures, as well as its heavy reliance on fossil fuels. However, there has been a shift in public awareness towards environmental preservation and the importance of renewable energy sources. As a result, the Middle East market has experienced significant growth, with countries like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Emirates, and now having a substantial market size for EV and Chargers infrastructure. This presents numerous investment opportunities in the manufacturing of electric cars and chargers. What sets the Middle East market apart from others is its potential for success, with a large consumer base, ample investment opportunities, and a well-developed infrastructure that supports various industries. This creates a favourable environment for the advancement of electric car and charger manufacturing industry not only in the region but also globally.

#GEMTECH: How do events like the Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum drive innovation and collaboration in the electric vehicle industry?

#Dr Mostafa: From my point of view events like the Global EV and Mobility Technology Forum play a crucial role in technology transfer between different international markets. They not only raise public awareness about the significance of the electric car industry but also facilitate direct communication between EV manufacturers, EV charging service providers, and consumers from diverse cultures. The Manufacturers can better comprehend consumer needs, gauge satisfaction levels, and enhance products and services by utilising feedback, as progress stems from understanding market demands and obstacles to innovative solutions. Additionally, these occasions foster collaboration among automotive industry stakeholders in various markets.