In a bid to promote a more sustainable environment, numerous organisations are actively working worldwide. During a recent discussion with Carbono Zero, a Brazilian organisation aligned with the UN Global Compact, we gained insights into their collaborative efforts towards sustainable initiatives, aimed at supporting global goals like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Carlos Alberto Tavares Ferreira, the CEO of Carbon Zero and a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), shared their approaches and strategies with us.

#CTS: A fully decarbonised world has been lately introduced as one of the goals of organisations across borders; how is Carbon Zero trying to realise this aim?

Carlos Alberto: Achieving a fully decarbonized world is an ambitious goal, but it is essential to combating climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations. Achieving this goal requires a number of strategies and actions coordinated at the global level. Some of the main measures that CARBON ZERO coordinates:

-  All of our programs and projects, we choose the SDG Sustainable Development Goals, which has synergy with worktos.

-  We encourage the use of clean and renewable energies

-  We seek energy efficiency

-  Our main programs are the reforestation and adoption of areas already reforested.

-  Our programs are aimed at the conservation and preservation of natural resources

-  We encourage and approach industries, businesses, state and federal authorities to neutralise their greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees.

-  We promote family farming and agro ecology

-  We partner with universities and schools to receive them in our reserve to promote environmental education.

-We promote lectures and events to raise awareness of consumption and the correct disposal of waste.

-  We teach how to make organic compost in homes.

With these measures, CARBON ZERO has been a national reference since 2009 to help raise awareness to decarbonize the planet, like a beehive, honeycomb by honeycomb, until we reach our goals.

#CTS: How has the creation of the Paraná Panel on Adaptations and Climate Change contributed to tackling climate change? Help us understand how the initiative can be replicated internationally?

Carlos Alberto: It all happened in 2018, when we were invited by a municipality in the south of Brazil with 450,000 inhabitants, they had a diarrhoea crisis in 60% of the population, we were invited to carry out the study and in addition to the study we presented the solution, we already had the CORRIDORES DE ÁGUA GOOD PROGRAM created, a socio-environmental program that guarantees water security for cities. And everything was resolved, seeing that I saw the need to encourage the creation in 2019 of the PARANAENSE ADAPTATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE PANEL, to encourage discussion in panels in the 399 municipalities of the State of Paraná, so that this information could contribute and become public policies to improve the quality of life of each municipality, preserving its regional identity, with that the government, through the application we created, has all the information to create financing and improvements in each regional reality.

#CTS: As part of the UN Global Compact, what role does your organisation play in promoting sustainable development and responsible business practices? Can you highlight any significant initiatives or collaborations that have been undertaken in alignment with the Global Compact principles?

Carlos Alberto: CARBON ZERO aims to provide a framework for companies to operate in a socially responsible manner and contribute to regional and global sustainability.

- In all our projects and programs, we implement the ten principles of the Global Compact in our daily operations, incorporating them in our policies and practices.

- We report annually on progress made towards implementing the principles through a Communication on Progress (COP).

- We participate in collaborative initiatives and projects with other organisations to address regional and global challenges and promote sustainable development.

- We contribute to global actions and goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through our responsible business practices.

In addition, CARBON ZERO carries out significant initiatives in line with the principles of the pact. These actions may include corporate social responsibility programs, reduction of carbon emissions, promotion of diversity and inclusion, protection of human rights in their supply chains, among others.

#CTS: How significant do you think are events like the London Climate Technology Show in making the zero-carbon world a reality?

Carlos Alberto: In my view, the London Climate Technology Show has the potential to play a significant role in the transition to a zero-carbon world. These events usually bring together a variety of key actors, including companies, researchers, governments, investors and civil society organisations, to share knowledge.