28 Feb, 2023: EVC, a UK-based electric vehicle charging firm, has obtained £165 million from Denham Sustainable Infrastructure (DSI) with the aim of constructing as many as 100,000 electric vehicle charging points by 2027.

DSI, a subsidiary of the worldwide energy transition investment firm Denham Capital, will utilise the fund to aid the UK’s increasing demand for electric vehicles in anticipation of 2030 ban on Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) sales.

EVC will prioritise creating EV charging points at destinations to provide easy and hassle-free charging options for EV users, and additionally integrate the charging infrastructure into the surrounding communities. EVC will fund and install EV charging stations under extended lease agreements in various areas, such as hospitality, leisure and retail venues, workplaces, & multi-residential buildings.

EVC undertakes various projects that include both small-scale charging solutions as well as larger EV charging stations. These charging points have a power capacity between 22kW and 300kW.

In a recent press release published on Feb 28, Nick Ballamy, CEO of EVC said, “Denham Sustainable Infrastructure’s commitment – one of the largest seen in the UK EV charging infrastructure sector – will turbocharge our ability to provide businesses and customers across the nation with the confidence to make the switch and join the electric vehicle revolution”.

He also believes that the funding will allow them to expedite the implementation process to meet these requirements and will ensure that electric vehicle drivers have smooth access to their dependable network. By instilling confidence in drivers to switch to electric vehicles, they can contribute to the UK’s ambitious net zero targets.

“Our partnership with EVC will help deliver convenient and easy-to-use EV charging infrastructure across the UK. EVC’s leadership combines expertise in energy and grid, large scale infrastructure deployment, customer-focused technology systems as well as property and carpark management. This unique combination offers a holistic and tailored solution for landlords and EV drivers”, said Sarah Lane, Director at Denham Sustainable Infrastructure.

The collaboration between EVC and DSI aligns with the UK government's target to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, the availability of convenient and reliable charging infrastructure is crucial. EVC's commitment to deliver these charge points will not only benefit EV drivers but will also contribute to the UK's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve its net zero goals.