July 14, 2023: Coadjute, a leading property technology provider from London, has unveiled its new Digital Property Data Pack service, aiming to revolutionise the real estate industry by significantly reducing transaction times. The innovative service simplifies property transactions by automating the collection of data from various trusted sources. Coadjute's Digital Property Data Pack enables sellers to complete a form and electronically share the data with all parties involved in the transaction.

The Digital Property Data Pack has been designed to comprehensively cover the requirements of relevant form types, including the Home Buying and Selling Group BASPI form. It consolidates crucial property information such as history, ownership, and legal status, allowing for a more efficient transaction process.

The key feature of the Digital Property Data Pack is its ability to rapidly and automatically populate forms by leveraging a wide range of third-party data sources, including HM Land Registry and Groundsure. This wealth of information is then consolidated into a standardised and accessible format, which can be easily reviewed and shared among buyers, sellers, estate agents, conveyancers, and other stakeholders through the Coadjute network.

In an official press release, Dan Salmons, CEO of Coadjute, emphasised the significance of the Digital Property Data Pack's launch for the company and the wider property industry. Salmons stated, "For the first time, up-front data can be sourced from an infinite range of providers, held in a standard form, and passed around the market digitally. It consigns the use of PDFs and emails for data collection to the history books."

By facilitating rapid and secure data sharing, Coadjute aims to accelerate the transaction process, minimise surprises, and reduce delays. The company's ultimate goal is to create an effortless and stress-free experience for buyers, sellers, and professionals involved in real estate transactions.

With the introduction of the Digital Property Data Pack, Coadjute is set to reshape the real estate landscape by leveraging technology to streamline and enhance the property transaction process.