April 16, 2024: Catalyst Environment Technology Solutions Private Limited (CETS) announces its collaboration with Circularity Global, a leading London-based Climate-Tech Startup focused on pioneering circular economy solutions in waste management. Circularity Global is leading in circular economy innovation, employing advanced technologies and progressive strategies to revolutionise global waste management.

Circularity Global's core strategy lies in the Circularity Registry, which uses an innovative Blockchain platform ensuring transparency, traceability, and accountability in circular economy initiatives. The platform encourages sustainable actions by issuing Circularity Credits as incentives for eco-friendly practices. The alliance between CETS and Circularity Global is built upon a mutual goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing sustainable practices. Using CETS's HiGee CO2 capture technology, each Circularity Innovation Hub will operate with the least environmental impact across the waste management lifecycle - from collection to recycling and reutilization.

These innovation hubs will manage a variety of waste streams, including agricultural residue. To manage these waste types effectively, Waste-to-Energy plants will be integrated within the hubs. With the use of CET’s HiGee CO2 Capture technology, any CO2 emissions produced will be captured and converted into valuable products, bolstering environmental sustainability. A portion of the revenue from Circularity Credits, sourced from agricultural waste, will be reinvested into the farming communities providing the waste, and into waste pickers who are recycling and repurposing plastic waste.

Joel Michael, Founder and CEO of Circularity Global, believes that a genuine circular economy goes beyond mere recycling; it focuses on repurposing waste for reuse within an ongoing loop rather than a one-time cycle. The introduction of a Circularity Credit should guarantee true value addition throughout this process. This collaboration with CETS, will ensure running Circularity Innovation Hubs with low greenhouse gas emissions, promoting top-notch green innovation.

The collaboration between CETS and Circularity Global marks a major advancement in advocating for a sustainable and circular economy. Partnerships like this pave the way for a future where waste is minimised, resources are used efficiently, and communities are empowered to contribute to a more environmentally friendly economy. It's a collaborative effort towards building a greener, more sustainable world for everyone. This approach not only benefits the environment but also creates economic opportunities and promotes social engagement.