7th Sep, 2023: British multinational oil and gas company, bp pulse inaugurated the largest electric vehicle charging facility in the United Kingdom, situated near Birmingham. This hub, strategically positioned at the convergence of three major motorways in central England, boasts 30 high-speed charging stations with a capacity of 300 kilowatts each. These stations are capable of providing an impressive 100 miles (160.93 km) of driving range in just 15 minutes, alongside an additional 150 7-kilowatt slow-charging points.

This progress is in line with bp Pulse's ambitious strategy to invest 1 billion pounds (equivalent to USD 1.25 billion) in building multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging centres across the United Kingdom, throughout the next ten years.

One of the statements by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, RT Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, in the company’s official press release reads, “This is the biggest private investment in electric charging in the UK and is a huge vote of confidence in Britain’s role as a leader in green industries’’.

Akira Kirton, vice president of bp pulse UK also said in the company’s press release, “The transition to electric vehicles is evolving at pace which is why bp pulse is focussed on accelerating the development of the UK’s EV infrastructure, delivering the right charging speeds, in the right locations and investing up to £1 billion to do so. We plan to roll out hundreds of hubs this decade in places EV drivers need them - urban areas, on trunk roads and motorways and at destinations such as restaurants, retail parks and hotels.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, investments like these are crucial in shaping a more environment friendly and sustainable transportation landscape. With this ambitious project, bp has taken a substantial step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for the UK, setting an example for others to follow in the journey towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy alternatives.