Virtual events are very much like face-to-face meetings, the only difference is that they take place over the internet. Virtual event technology allows users to share information and obtain instant feedback using real-time interactive features like polling and Q&A sessions. But going completely digital is not an easy task and requires a robust tool to run a virtual event effectively.

Here are some of the most popular virtual event platforms to consider for your next virtual event:

  1. HexaFair

The platform offers 3D exhibition booths, speakers & sponsors management, live/on-demand, pre-recorded video/audio streaming for webinars/conferences.

In each exhibitor booth, attendees can view the company's profile, images, brochures, pre-recorded videos uploaded by exhibitors or chat with exhibitors for more information


HexaFair also includes an attendee directory that can be used as a networking tool to view the profiles of other attendees. This feature enables users to view who is currently online, request one-on-one chats, set up video calls, and exchange business cards. The platform offers an e-commerce integration that allows attendees to add products to their cart and purchase them during the event.


The platform offers webinars/webcasts, live streaming options and virtual event software services. INXPO excels at elements like keynote and breakout sessions, which can be made available within the event platform to either live-stream or watch on-demand later.

It includes virtual booths feature for trade shows where exhibitors are listed and attendees are able to click through to "visit" the different booths (that appear as different webpages), which include a brief description of the company as well as other relevant materials.

Source: INXPO

The platform also offers event spaces such as lobby and theatre to add a dynamic feel and familiar elements to the event. It offers the ability to have an actual virtual lobby with digital avatars that attendees can create for themselves.

There is a chat function where attendees can interact with booth staff if they are online, and they also have the ability to schedule a demo. It's done through an external link that takes them to the exhibitor's website.

3. vFairs

The platform offers unique custom event landing pages and an easy to use interface that allows visitors to register and attend events. The service supports a virtual lobby to welcome exhibitors and visitors.

Each exhibitor booth features on-demand content such as presentations and videos that attendees can view and download. Exhibitors can access and use a variety of ready-made templates customised to their business objectives.

Source: vFairs

It also delivers 3D layouts to recreate real-world physical conferences and makes the conference an unforgettable experience. There is also an option for group chats to engage with multiple buyers simultaneously. In addition, there is also an e-commerce integration, allowing attendees to purchase products during the event or save them for later.


Each exhibiting booth appears as an image of a booth on the screen, which can be customised and includes brand materials for each exhibitor.

With 6Connex, companies can not only replicate the physical conference but can also go a step further. The tool provides features like real-time multi language-translation tools to remove communication barriers during the event.

Source: 6CONNEX

The platform does not support video chat function or ability to host a meeting between exhibitors and attendees.To increase audience engagement, 6Connex includes a leaderboard feature that enables attendees to compete for prizes. Point values can be assigned for actions performed throughout the event, such as visiting booths, and everyone can follow along by viewing scores on the leaderboard.

5. Map Your Show

Source: Map Your Show

The platform offers an exhibitor list through which attendees can search for a particular category or listing of exhibitors. On each exhibitor page, attendees can find a brief description of the exhibitor as well as a promo or intro video, brochures, and all the conference sessions hosted by the exhibitor. Exhibitors can keep track of leads in their respective exhibitor's portal.

Map Your Show doesn't offer any opportunities for real-time interaction, whether by chat or by video call, but attendees can view virtual business cards including the exhibitor's contact information and contact them for more details. Also, there is no networking setup to facilitate attendee engagement or connections with each other.

6. Accelevents

The platform offers features including live streaming, ticket sales, virtual exhibitor booths, live chat & polling, breakout sessions, A.I. powered networking, gamification, and more. It also offers a built-in production studio and also allows exhibitors to use their own.


Accelevents supports a full suite of analytics tools that are helpful for companies in identifying which speakers or sessions performed the best and even measure the ROI of a virtual exhibitor booth. The virtual lobby allows attendees to see sponsors, access a news feed bulletin, and their agenda.

7. MegaMeeting

The platform allows users to share files in real-time, and use the video technologies and phone options to access meetings online without the need to download and install the software.

Source: MegaMeeting

This virtual platform supports an unlimited number of participants. With the enterprise version of the software and with more extravagant virtual events, MegaMeeting provides upgraded features like private branding and exclusive server access.

Virtual event technology has opened the door to new ways to connect people online while reducing costs and carbon footprints. From live-streaming to pre-recorded sessions, more companies are restructuring their events to offer engagement-driving experiences that extend beyond a computer screen.

Whether you are looking to set up a trade show, conference or a training session, choosing the right virtual platform can help you to expand your reach beyond a specific region and turn your target audience into leads.

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