In our recent Q&A session with Pierre Cressard, Co-founder and CEO of Nahibu, a global microbiome company, we explored the pivotal role of the microbiome in shaping the overall health of living beings, while also delving into the significant contributions made by Nahibu in this field

#LBS: What role does the microbiome play in shaping our overall health, and what potential consequences arise when the microbiome becomes dysfunctional? How does this relate to conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders?

Pierre Cressard: The microbiome is pivotal in shaping overall health. Dysfunctional microbiomes are linked to conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders. Understanding these links aids in prevention and targeted treatment.

#LBS: In the realm of personalized medicine, what are the practical applications of microbiome research, and how can this knowledge be effectively harnessed to advance individualized healthcare?

Pierre Cressard: Microbiome research enables personalized medicine. It can inform tailored interventions for improved health, offering insights into individualized healthcare, from optimizing nutrition to developing personalized therapies.

#LBS: How does the composition of the human gut microbiome change over the course of a person's lifetime, and what factors drive these changes? What are the lasting health implications of dietary choices on the composition of the microbiome?

Pierre Cressard: The human gut microbiome evolves over a lifetime due to factors like diet, age, and environment. Dietary choices profoundly impact the microbiome, with long-term health consequences.

#LBS: What is Nahibu's overarching vision and mission within the microbiome research field, and how does Nahibu seek to make significant contributions to diverse industries such as biotechnology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical biology, and cosmetics through its microbiome-focused work?

Pierre Cressard: Nahibu's vision is to revolutionize diverse industries through microbiome research. We aim to advance biotechnology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical biology, and cosmetics with microbiome-focused innovations.

#LBS: Can you provide insights into the cutting-edge technologies and methodologies employed by Nahibu in its microbiome research endeavours?

Pierre Cressard: Nahibu employs cutting-edge technologies, including metagenomics and advanced analytics, to explore the microbiome's complexities, revealing insights that drive industry innovation.

#LBS: In the realm of microbiome research, how does Nahibu engage in collaborations with other organizations, researchers, or professionals? Could you share some notable partnerships or collaborations that Nahibu has been involved in?

Pierre Cressard: Nahibu values collaborations. We engage with researchers, organizations, and professionals to expand our microbiome expertise. Notable collaborations include partnerships with leading international consortiums (French Gut, Million Microbiome Human Project) and multinational firms.

#LBS: Events like the London Biotechnology Show serve as platforms for enthusiasts to explore the captivating wonders of biotechnology. What is your take on the significance of such events and their role in advancing scientific knowledge and industry engagement?

Pierre Cressard: Events like the London Biotechnology Show are crucial for advancing scientific knowledge and industry engagement. They foster innovation, networking, and interdisciplinary collaboration, accelerating progress in biotechnology.